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Jaclyn is a behavioral and spatial ecologist, science communicator, and thought leader. She believes transforming ecological knowledge into effective conservation decision-making requires exchanging information across disciplines and cultural barriers. For this reason, she transforms science into stories that inform environmental management by making information about the natural world more engaging and accessible to the scientific and non-scientific community.

Jaclyn has over 12 years of experience conducting research, directing science communication initiatives, managing long-term conservation projects, leading wildlife outreach events, and mentoring students both inside and outside the classroom. She has collaborated on research projects throughout North America, East Africa, and Central and South America.


Jaclyn currently transforms science into stories about biodiversity conservation at NatureServe, where she is the project manager and creative director for the NatureServe Network Van Tour. She is also the science communications and partnerships lead at Photography Inspiring Children in Conservation, a nonprofit organization that develops educational content to promote community-led conservation initiatives in Madagascar. 


Jaclyn believes the world’s most pressing problems are best mitigated through community-led solutions that prioritize equity. She has served on two diversity committees and works to promote sustainability through inclusive means.

 Richard Jackson Photography

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