Tying animal personality to population-level trends

Individuals undergo standardized arena trials in a solitary and 'social' context. A clip from a Mirror Image Stimulation, or social, trial is shown above. A series of variables, such as number of jumps or time spent interacting with the mirror, were quantified for each trial.

In this hotspot visualization, it's clear to see that individuals vary in activity level during arena trials. For example, the individual depicted in the top left and bottom right trials spent much of the trial in motion, while the top right and bottom left images depict the same individual, which stayed in the same place for the entirety of the trial.

In addition to manually coding behavior, I used a video software program called EthoVision to track individual movement inside of the arena and quantify more fine-grain continuous data, such as distance moved to the nearest cm, and both average and maximum velocity reached. 

Wildlife Ecologist, Science Communicator