Spatial ecology of ground-dwelling squirrels

Home ranges of individual golden-mantled ground squirrels during two high density years (purple polygons) and two low density years (orange polygons). Spatial overlap among squirrels appears to vary as a function of density, suggesting this species may be facultatively territorial.

Home ranges (95% minimum convex polygons) of adult female golden-mantled ground squirrels over the course of one active summer season at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Colorado.

Individual-level variation in movement speed is captured through this visualization of 6 squirrels moving across the study site, where, for example, the individuals depicted by the blue and yellow tracks don’t move as far within a given period of time as do the squirrels depicted by purple and orange tracks.

 A  schematic representation of total distance moved by a female yellow-bellied marmot when relocating her litter of four from natal burrow A to new burrow B. The marmot shuttles pups individually to burrow B, before returning to burrow A to obtain each subsequent member of the litter. 

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